Been watching those Freaky Fusion clips…

… And I swear down, if I don’t get a speaking part in that movie (and party announcement cameos do NOT count), then I am officially - and you can quote me on this later - changing my blog name to the-original-holt-hydebrid.

Okay then Gil, especially for you and your rap album.

If you woke up with a piercing, would you be proud that Jackson finally did something cool, or ticked off that he didn't let you pick it out?

Depends where or what it was.

I’d probably be proud though. I like to think we have the same taste in these things… deep, deep deep dEEP down.

Have you ever thought to get a lip piercing

Yeah I’ve thought about it…

And a tongue piercing, and another eyebrow piercing, and an industrial bar piercing, and a double helix, and lobe stretchers…

Is the thing on the side of your face a tattoo

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

It’s a birthmark. If it was a tattoo, don’t ya think Jackson’d have the same one? You know, like our eyebrow ring and our other tattoo?

Then again, Jackson’d probably have to have a birthmark too if I have one, right? You know, since we share a body and stuff?

Obviously, my version of it’s just a whooole lot darker than the one Jackson has.

Are you ever concerned that your blue

Why would I be concerned?

Yeah, so it’s not a common color for a fire elemental, but up until recently I didn’t know that’s what I was.

And it’s a pretty sweet looking shade of blue.

are you ever concerned you aren't a real person


Happy 4th of July!

Me and Heath are free tonight if anyone’s throwin’ a party…

hint hint~~

Have you ever melted a pair of earphones?

Once, a while back, when I had a pair of those crappy, plastic in-ear jobs.

I learned pretty quick that not only were they not the nicest of things to have leaking out of your earhole, but the sound quality is pretty damn shitty when you compare it to an over-ear set.

I make a point now of tryin’ not to melt my babies, uh.. headphones. You gotta understand, if I lost out on ‘em then I’d have no really portable way of being me — not to mention how damn fucking expensive a serious set of DJ ‘phones like mine are!

Well, we don’t usually do this sort of thing, but…


I was tagged by Cleo and Deuce

rule 1: always post the rules

rule 2:  answer the questions the person who tagged you asked, and write 11 new ones

rule 3:  tag 11 people and link them to the post.

rule 4:  actually tell them you tagged them


Our Questions:

1. Are you a cat person or a dog person?

2a. Are there any magazines that you regularly buy/are subscribed to?

2b. If so, which is your favorite/most frequently bought?

3. What was the last film you watched?

4. Night in or Night Out?

5. Monster High or Ever After High?

6. What’s your favorite hobby or pass time?

7. How often do you re-Vamp your page/icon/url?

8. Are their any rules or morals in particular that you live by?

9. What’s your favorite quote or motto?

10. Team sports, or Extreme sports?

11. Did you vote for us to be prom king & queen? How long did it take for you to answer all of these questions?


My answers:

1. A lizard person.


… No, I don’t get all of ‘em, I’m just fuckin with ya.

2b. I like Mixmag.

3. School Of Rock (‘Cause you’re not hardcore unless ya live hardcore)

4. Night OUT!

5. M-O-N-S-T-E-R, Monsters, Monsters, yes we are!

6. Oh come on, we allll know that much about me - my hobby, my pass time, my job, my life, my reason for existing - MUSIC~!

7. Whenever I think I’ve got somethin’ better to add to it. It’s hard to top what’s already so scorching HOTT, but I try.

8. Keep it loud, play it proud.

9. Say what you will, buts it’s one of my own:

"Music fills the gap when words are not enough to tell our stories."

10. Exscreeeeeeaammm

11. Sure did. You think I’d vote for Abbey to paw at Heath all night with her frosty man hands? About a week to get round to, but about 5 minutes to answer. Awww yeahh~~

Screw writing questions and making tags, I’ve done my bit.